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Pan Download 百度网盘不限速下载方法

Pan Download 百度网盘不限速下载方法


Pan Download 是由 Kiryuu@吾爱破解 开发的绿色软件,无需安装,即下即用,实测可以实现满速下载。

实现原理类似油猴脚本+IDM,获取到链接后调用 aria2 下载。它是真正的能实现满速下载的百度云客户端。

  1. 软件使用 C++ 编写
  2. 大文件需要等待一段时间才会有下载速度
  3. 文件名含有特殊字符可能会下载出错,请重命名再下载
  4. 扫码登录有BUG,请使用账号登录


Jackie Sung

Jackie Sung, also known by his nick-name KK, always strives for the best and learn from the best. Influenced by the age of Internet, for the last few years, in his spare time, he's been working and living as a Freelance Web Engineer/ Web Developer & Designer/ Amateur Photographer/ Husky Lover. The work he provides is of highest quality, fully-customized responsive, and tested in a wide range of devices, which typically covers both front-end (HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript) and back-end (WordPress as the CMS) responsibilities.

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