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《电锯惊魂7》SAW.2010 BLURAY 1080P高清 原创双语翻译字幕成品

《电锯惊魂7》SAW.2010 BLURAY 1080P高清 原创双语翻译字幕成品


Detective Matt Gibson chases the psychotic Detective Mark Hoffman while Jigsaw's widow Jill Tuck tries to kill him as assigned by her husband. However he escapes and Jill meets Gibson and offers to sign an affidavit listing the murders committed by Hoffman. In return, she requests protection. Meanwhile, the prominent Jigsaw survivor and leader of a support group Bobby Dagen is abducted with his wife and friends and forced to play a mortal game to save himself and his beloved wife.

吉尔(贝茜·拉塞尔饰)向警方自首,加入证人保护。而侥幸逃脱死亡威胁的霍夫曼(考斯塔斯·曼迪勒饰)则向警方发出警告,势要杀掉吉尔不可,于是设计一套飞车惨剧转移视线。另一方面,自称竖锯游戏幸存者鲍比(肖恩·派特里克·弗兰纳里饰)高调现身,演讲、出书、接受电视台专访、组织幸存者自救会,风光无限之时名利双收,然而波比只是一个为搏出位的骗子,他最终失败并害死了亲人。霍夫曼借着掩护假扮尸体混进警局,杀死大批警官,最终用裂颚器虐杀吉尔 。









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